H.R.H. Prince Charles receives in 2004, during the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem, a design of the sculpture ‘Pegasus’, which symbolizes the British Airborne Division who fought in Arnhem in 1944.

PHOTO: Michael ThomasMail on Sunday/Pool


H.M. Queen Beatrix during her visit to a museum exhibition in Wychen castle in 1988.

In 1962 H.M. Queen Juliana received from a watercolour of castle Drakesteijn during her visit to the engineering firm Grontmij n.v.

In 2001 H.R.H. Princess Maxima and H.R.H. Prince Willem Alexander received the design of the bronze statue ‘Communicationcircle’

during their visit to the province of Utrecht. SOURCE: ANP

H.R.H. Princess Juliana visit the exhibition during the opening of the new building of the Queen Juliana fund Bunnik (1982). SOURCE: ANP

Johan Cruyff was model for the bronze statue ‘Sliding’, which was auctioned during the World Cup in 1986 in Mexico.

Unveiling of the sculpture ‘Player‘ carried out by Ann Roosevelt, granddaughter of President Roosevelt, and the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of the Netherlands H.R.H. prince Willem Alexander in Atlanta during the Olympic Games in 1996. Roosevelt Center Atlanta.


Raymond Poulidor opens exhibition in the gallery Gérard Laubie in Paris (1980).

H.R.H. Prince Bernhard received the sculpture ‘Icarus’ for his merit as patron of Foundation AMREF Flying Doctors Netherlands at Soestdijk Palace in 1999.


H.R.H. Prince Charles received in 1994 the design of the large bronze statue ‘Aiborne parachutist’, during the 50th memorial of the battle of Arnhem.


Presenter Ivo Niehe opens the jubilee celebration in honor of Jits as 35 years visual artist in the Mariënhof museum Amersfoort in 1995.

Eelco and Janneke Brinkman along with the former deputy prime minister Hans Wiegel with the statue ‘three Graces’ during the opening of the sculpture exhibition on the estate of Lauswold in 1993.

Jits with his sculpture ‘Sun in the Wings’ at Amsterdam Schiphol international Airport. November 24th 2008.


Jits and the American musician Emmylou Harris, followed by the international media in Los Angeles USA (1977).


President & CEO Prof. drs. Gerlach Cerfontaine of Schiphol Group (l.) and Jits during the unveiling of ‘Sun in the Wings’. November 24th 2008. PHOTO: jitsbakker.com

H.R.H. Princess Máxima during her visit to the sculpture exhibition ‘High voltage’ in Wassenaar. May 31th, 2008.


Tour de France director Jean Marie Leblanc received the sculpture ‘Winner’ by Utrecht Mayor Annie Brouwer-Korf and the Utrecht Commissioner of the Queen Staal  in Paris. (2006) PHOTO: UTRECHT PROVINCE

Jan Janssen, winner of the Tour de France receives the bronze statue ‘the climber’. December 4th 2008.


Jits receives award for the honorary citizenship of the historic capital of Finland by Mr. Mikko Pukkinen, Mayor of Turku.

Bronze statue ‘Europe’ unveiled in the historic Finnish capital Turku by the Dutch Ambassador in Finland, Mr Robert Engels (l.) and Mr Mikko Pukkinen (m.), Mayor of Turku. June 6th 2008. PHOTO: JITSBAKKER.COM

Jits created the bronze statue ‘Motion around the Olympic world’, which was exhibited in Athens during the Olympic Games in 2004.

H.R.H. Prince Willem Alexander during his visit to the sculpture exhibition ‘High voltage’ in Wassenaar. May 31th, 2008.


Violinist Yehudi Menhuin received the sculpture ‘dancer’.

Prof. dr. W.H. Gispen, Rector of the University of Utrecht (r.) presents the bronze sculpture ’Crucifix and Maria Magdalena’.

More than one hundred million people were witnessing the auction. The proceeds of the artwork was auctioned for Mexicos’ largest orphanage. PHOTO: DE TELEGRAAF

<== Sr. Dr. Sebastiao Francisco Seruco Emidio, President of Municipality of  Loulé (l.) received the artork, which is placed in the (town) religion museum: Museo municipal Loulé, Algarve PORTUGAL PHOTO: ANP


H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands during Queensday, April 30th. 2012. She received the sculpture 'Communication', an official gift from the Duth government.

PHOTOS: Province of Utrecht

H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (l.) and Jits Bakker (r.) during the opening of the new provincial government building of the province of Utrecht, June 20th. 2012.

PHOTO: Province of Utrecht